There was a time when TV and print ads were the only way to advertise. Fast forward to today, social media has opened up a new world of communication. It’s no longer just one direction; it’s a two-way street. You can talk to your audience, and they can speak to you, which is great because it builds your brand’s transparency and visibility. Digital marketing also gives businesses complete control over who they want to target with ads, leading to increased sales. Previously brands had no quantitative ability to track how many people bought a product from the influence of a billboard ad. In marketing today they can track the number of consumers who saw the ad and what action they took.  Now in marketing they are able to measure the total impressions, reach, engagement rates, and conversions all through the behind the scenes. They can also measure how long people spent visiting their website after clicking on the ad and what pages they visited.

All these options have made marketing more complicated; knowing who you want to target is easy, but how exactly to reach your target audience is not. As more people use their phones and tablets to browse the internet, marketers have to constantly scramble to find new ways to monetize a marketing strategy. There is a wide range of methods to choose from, including mobile sites, QR codes, text messaging, Google Ads, and Binge ads… the list is endless. One common goal of all these tools is in-the-ball marketing through a combination of the exact tools to turn your audience into paying customers directly. When a company has a consistent brand presentation across all these marketing platforms, they see an amazing increase in revenue of nearly 25%.

Coalesce Marketing For Maximum Results

The Digilatics team makes your goals realistic and assesses your current social media performance. We meticulously coalesce marketing tools for each business and don’t go for a cookie-cutter formula for everyone. Too many companies treat their clients like they’re all the same and neglect to tailor their strategy to each business’ needs. They often need to deliver on their promises or meet expectations. Generic approaches focused solely on SEO, social media, or digital ads will produce different results than each business wants. Sure, those individual components may improve website traffic by a little bit. Still, it usually keeps the bottom line the same – in other words, it doesn’t improve your overall business results. Here’s what an effective interconnected social media strategy should be about:

Goal #1: Generate more leads on social media by…

Goal #2: improving engagement of current followers by…

Goal #3: building a strategic coalesced social media campaign based on the skills and interests of people in your demographic.

What Makes us, US!

At Digilatics, every marketing plan begins with an end goal in mind. These goals range from meeting quotas to increasing audience engagement to improving key performance indicators; all share common objectives: improving brand awareness, increasing revenue, and growing your business. We have also mastered the usage of the right tools to measure a campaign’s success.

Consumers need to know what a marketing company is doing for them. How do the services they are paying for help their business? And most importantly, how will they generate revenue, which is what matters the most!

Many companies promise to increase ROI and help you with SEO, but business owners need help understanding how they do it. In some cases, there are no clear guidelines or a tangible way to determine whether or not these services have done anything!

At Digilatics, we track specific leads and revenue streams and present them to you.

The marketing we do for your business is a group effort of highly qualified people and departments to create the totality of your brand and change how customers feel about you. That’s why we’re here for you!

Services To Prioritize Business Growth Initiatives

We’re going to cut through the fluff and get straight to the services we offer here at Digilatics.

Website Hosting & Design

We’ve invested a lot of time researching Google’s best practices for website design and development, including complying with all the standards they insist upon. We include everything from design to hosting on your site. Our hosting is optimized for WordPress and can provide you with a high uptime reach of 99.8%. In addition, we also offer carefully selected fonts, spacing recommendations, and more to keep your website in compliance. A premium hosting solution from us also includes 24/7 backups and technical support. Our team will offer timely assistance if something ever happens to your site!

Local Citations

Each month, we add your business and website to local directories for your services or keywords, which means searchers from Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and other search engines will find you. It also ensures Google has the most updated NAP for your company so people can find you more easily on the internet.

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business platforms account for up to 30% of an organization’s total traffic due to their prominence on Google. We’re committed to ensuring that our clients are well represented in the map pack because consumers often rely on this area before they go to your organic website listings. Our team makes monthly changes to ensure that you don’t experience fluctuations in positioning. This helps lead to a consistent traffic flow and leads to your business through this specifically targeted avenue.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Getting your site to the top of search engine results pages is one of the essential parts of digital marketing. We offer services to help you do that, including SEO analysis and optimization, content updates, blog writing (depending on your needs), and more. Every month, we implement the following tactics – always hoping to give you more traffic and premium positioning with Google.

Google Ads

We partner with Google Ads to help you reduce your monthly spending while gaining more quality leads. Our team monitors your account daily to check for new search terms so that we can add them to our negative keyword list. We also look at auction insights and optimize scores to provide ongoing analysis on how your ad campaign is performing, so we can ensure you’re getting leads at an appropriate amount for the amount of money you are spending daily!

Bing Ads

Like Google Ads Management, we offer the same services across your Microsoft advertising account, also known as Bing Ads.

Yelp Ads

We’ll reach some key markets by advertising on Yelp to get more customers. They work by promoting your business in areas like the above search results and on competitors’ pages. This brings people back to your Yelp Business Page, where they can learn more about you.

Facebook Posting

To attract more clients, you’ll need to plan your campaigns strategically across several channels. With our guidance, we can help you create 1 Facebook post per week and share it with your potential audience. That way, people looking for your business on major social media websites can find you quickly!

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are equally important, and we ensure you’re constantly receiving the lowest cost per lead by checking in with your account multiple times a week. In some areas, we’ve even seen hundreds of leads come in for better ad spend costs than pay-per-view/click platforms. Facebook has become a more viable option for these types of campaigns.

Marketing Asset Creation & Graphic Design

Our design team is here to help you design your flyers, door hangers, pricing brochures, business cards, and logos. We include these design services in our standard pricing because we want you to have the best marketing materials possible!

Strategy and Implementation

Whether you’re new or have years of experience, our team understands the challenges you’re facing and can help you develop a strategy tailored to your unique business. We’ll also consider your long-term goals so your business can stay ahead of the game.

Go-High Level / Lead Funneling

CRM, marketing campaigns, lead management, and the Go-High Platform does it all, and we have the expertise to help you get the most out of it. We’ll be there every step of the way to seamlessly integrate the Go-High Platform and provide ongoing support at any time if you decide to use it.

Your Current Marketing Strategy May Be A Failure…

Here are some reasons businesses that fall in the hands of newbie marketers who need to learn how to combine and leverage these tools may waste time and money and fail.

Here are some reasons businesses who fall in the hands of newbie marketers that still need to learn how to combine and leverage these tools may fail you. While also wasting your time and money.

  • The newbie marketers don’t focus on the end goal, i.e., where they want a business to go; their cookie-cut methods focus on a tiny marketing area, forgetting the bigger picture.
  • They need to learn about your business or your industry’s landscape, so it’s difficult for them to create a successful improvement plan. Bringing on freelance service providers is like driving blind.
  • Every business is individual and has different needs, even when they are part of the same industry. Every market and competitor set is different, so evaluating their requirements accordingly is crucial, which most marketers fail to do.

Welcome To A New Era Of High-End Marketing

When you hop aboard, we educate you about the signs indicating your current strategy is doomed or how your agency is screwing you. Our dedicated team at Digilatics chooses just the right marketing tools to build you a successful marketing strategy.

Our commitment to providing the best in digital marketing services is unwavering. By helping you grow your business, we grow ours! Our dedicated team is there when you need us to answer questions, walk you through processes, and provide strategic advice and implementation as your business grows year after year.

You can claim your free audit and get a consultation with our experts – we love businesses no matter how big or small!