A Journey of Passion and Perseverance

Digilatics Emerged from the Twists of a Remarkable Journey.

Khurram, from his early days, recognized the essence of successful marketing, but he also recognized the gap within the industry. This understanding and passion became the driving force behind his decision to create a company that would not only play the game but change it.

The Gap and The Will

From the start of his career, Khurram always emphasized the importance of tracking the right Marketing KPIs for his clients. 

When Covid-19 happened, many things changed. His company had to let go of the marketing department, which included Khurram. In that time, he was able to observe various gaps in the digital marketing industry. The mission of  Digilatics is to revolutionize reporting and insights. 

Seeing small/medium business owners be puzzled by their marketing made Khurram have a eureka moment in which he thought: “These are amazing companies, built and run by amazing people. Imagine how far they could go if they were empowered with the data needed to boost growth.”

His passion for serving the “underserved” home service/home inspection service niche fueled his determination to forge a new path called Digilatics.

The Tue Marketing ROI Partner

Digilatics is a blend of ‘Digital’ plus ‘Analytics’, meaning it’s more than a click generator. That means we enable our clients to make informed decisions with in-depth marketing data that impacts their bottom line.

Our culture encourages the team to fulfill their dreams through open communication, career progression opportunities, and authentic relationships.

The Next Chapter

We have entered the home service niche and had amazing results in that industry. Part of our next chapter is to diversify into new industries and help bring growth and impactful data into the hands of business owners across the United States.

As Digilatics continues to grow, we envision a future where the team evolves together. The journey is not just a story of success; it’s a testament to resilience, innovation, and the unyielding spirit of a leader dedicated to making a difference.

Interesting Stats

What We Tracked In 2023 Through
Our Campaigns

$ 3.5 M


$ 40 M


850 K


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