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We help businesses win big –leads and revenue– as an official Yelp premier partner.

Make Yelp Work for Your Business

Yelp has emerged as one of the biggest consumer review platforms, with 156 million unique views. Visitors are either there to review a business. Or are looking for a service provider in their locality.

With Yelp Ads Management, you can rank and be shown to people who search Yelp for the services you provide. With an Enhanced Profile, you can make sure people see the best of you and are inclined to get your services.

Our experts have helped businesses unlock Yelp’s potential and boost their ROI. We can also help you.

Yelp Advertising Solutions

Get the right solution for your Yelp profile


Yelp advertising is different from advertising on other platforms and needs a tailored strategy for maximum impact. We tailor a strategy that goes hand in hand with your business goals. We take into account your industry, target audience, budget, and goals to make a strategy that smartly outperforms your competition.

Ad Creation

Never compromise on the quality, whether that be Promoted Listings, Enhanced Profile, Sponsored Collections, or any other Yelp ad. Our experts review your business and curate ads that capture attention and push your business to the top of your ideal customers’ minds. We use powerful copy, tailored graphics, and curated USPs to make your business irresistible.


We’re here to make your Yelp journey smooth. Our ads experts manage your Yelp ads for seamless conversions. By targeting the right keywords, we ensure your ads are shown to the intended audience for maximum impact. We curate the quality ads and win the bidding wars to place said ads at the top – even on your competitor's profile page.

Performance Tracking

We don’t just generate leads. We see that they convert into paying customers. Our tracking team uses the Digilatics Leads Insights so no lead is lost in their journey. We track from the point they interact with your Yelp ad to when they either convert or leave. If they do leave, we’ll find the reasons and help you improve in those areas.

Are Yelp Ads for You?

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How We Do Yelp Ads

We show your business at its best.

Understand Your Business: What you’re about, who your target audience is, how you want them to reach you, what your end goal is with Yelp Ads, and do you have any specific KPIs? Answers to these questions form the foundation of a successful Yelp Ads campaign.

Ads Strategy: We create an internal strategy that helps visualize how to achieve your Yelp Ads goals. We see that everything is divided into clear, achievable steps.

Curation: Compelling content, engaging photos, business highlights, and driving CTAs. Everything that helps you stand out from the crowd and attract the right people.

Deployment: Once everything is created, we’ll send it your way to review. Once the changes, if any, are implemented, we deploy your ads to the platform.

Monitoring: We track your success on Yelp and keep you updated. Our leads insight team follows the customer journey so you can be sure that every lead is accounted for.

We present our findings and your success via regular reports and meetings.


Yelp Ads stand out due to their strategic placement, positioning your business above organic results, and even on competitors’ pages. This visibility ensures that users transform into valuable customers.

An Enhanced Yelp Profile is a premium service that boosts your business presence on Yelp. It allows you to showcase your brand with captivating visuals, a customizable call-to-action button, and the removal of competitor ads from your page. This upgraded profile ensures your business makes a lasting impression on potential customers.

We’re an official Yelp premier partner with experts who’ve helped numerous businesses win big on Yelp. Our Yelp partnership guarantees top-tier support and insights from Yelp’s advertising team, elevating your advertising journey.

With us, you experience dedicated account management, priority support, and transparent reporting – all catered towards true ROI.

Our dedicated account manager will be your guide, providing real-time updates. We’ll provide regular transparent reports and invite you to expert-led meetings, ensuring you know exactly where you stand and how to propel for maximum impact.