Facebook/Instagram Ads Management

Results you want. When you want.

Engagement, brand recognition, conversions, and remarketing – our Facebook and Instagram Ads experts make your goals achievable.

Facebook Marketing on Steroids

Facebook has the biggest audience pool of any social media platform. Couple that with precision targeting, flexible ad types, and a cost-effective advertising model. And you get some of the best results from your ad spend.

Our Facebook Ads experts create scroll-stopping ads that push your target audience down the funnel. We power these ads with a well-thought-out strategy, some of the best creatives, strong converting copy, and pin-point targeting – so you get the best ROI in your industry.

Because it’s not the forms filled that count. It’s the revenue generated that matters.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Solutions

Increasing visibility without losing that edge.


We’ll create a strategy that aligns with your goals and makes them achievable. We dish out clear strategies that impact your visibility, help you generate more conversions, and eventually lead to more revenue – by breaking down the goals into smaller, manageable steps.


If you have a running campaign, we’ll audit it to point out what needs improvement. Not all Meta Ads campaigns are created equal. Some are more like money pits that don’t generate any results. If you’re suffering from such a campaign, our ads experts can review it for you and help you boost its performance.

Campaign Management

We’re here to make your brand succeed with Meta (Facebook and Instagram). We take care of strategy, budgeting, creatives, scheduling, tracking, and everything else for successful campaigns. Our goal is to bring you qualified leads that add to your revenue and help you grow past your best quarters.


People don’t stop scrolling for bland ads. Our designers and copywriters sit down to create creatives that catch the eye and push your best points to the front – without sacrificing brand identity.

Landing Page

Don’t stop at clicks. Convert them. With Digilatics, you get sleek landing pages that don’t let your valuable leads go astray. Our landing pages guide them through your USPs and position you as the authority in your industry. And with precisely placed CTAs, your customers have no choice but to convert.

Leads Insight

You’re getting a record number of leads, but the conversions aren’t improving. If this is you, our lead insight experts have the right solution for you. We review the customer journey – starting from when they click and ending at the purchase or a call with your team. We help you figure out where the gap is and how to fill it for smoother conversions and better true ROI.

Instagram Marketing Simplified

Instagram advertising combines trendy visuals with Facebook’s patent targeting. So, if your audience is more likely to watch a reel than read a blog, our Instagram Ads experts can help you.

Because Instagram has a relatively younger audience, traditional advertising can stick out like a sore thumb. So, we create trend-setting original content that resonates with your audience. We combine creative elements to grab your audience and turn their attention towards your brand.

We track the results to see what connects and build on that.

Facebook and Instagram Ads only work when we understand your brand.

If you want result-driven campaigns, get a free brand analysis from top Meta Ads experts.

How We Do Meta Ads

Simple and effective, that’s how we do.

Knowing: The first step is to discuss your company, business goals, and important KPIs. And create a smooth communication channel.

Strategizing: Based on the gathered data, our Meta Ads team creates an internal strategy that fits your brand goals. We share it and incorporate your feedback.

Creatives: Our designer and writer teams start creating assets that will first stop and then move people to take the desired action.

Landing Page: We create a page designed specifically to convert leads generated from the ads. It’ll have a strong copy and a purposeful UI.

Monitoring: Once the ad is launched, our team starts monitoring the results. We review the complete journey and provide transparent reporting so you get a better understanding of where you stand and how to improve it.


When we talk about ROI, we usually use the term True ROI. Usually, ROI is counted as the ratio of leads generated and the revenue spent. True ROI, however, is the ratio of the revenue generated to the money spent on the service.

We measure true ROI for our clients to ensure transparency and a unified vision.

Discuss True ROI and impact with our marketing expert.

You can either have an in-house resource to manage your campaigns. But that can be overly expensive.
So, the second choice is going with a marketing agency. Among marketing agencies, Digilatics stands out because of the result-oriented campaign planning and execution – along with a low management fee.
Our dedicated experts have been helping brands for decades by staying up to date with the latest algorithm changes – ensuring you get the best results without compromise.

We’ll align a key account manager with you. They’ll keep you updated on the progress and share key achievements as they happen.
You’ll also get regular transparent reports and meetings with our experts to discuss where you are and how to take things forward for maximum impact.