Google Ads Management

Scale Your Business with Targeted Campaigns

As a Google Ads Partner Agency, we know where and how to show your business for the best conversion rates in your industry.

Qualified Lead Generation Made Simpler

If you want to grow your business, Google is your best friend. It brings you traffic that’s interested in your service and is actively searching for it.

But, your website’s organic rankings (SEO) may take months to be where you want them. The alternative is Google Ads. It takes you to the top of SERP right away.

Digilatics has Google Ads Certified experts who first understand your business needs, target audience, and the market. And then create a complete Google Ads campaign that caters to your business – for a better true ROI. That includes click-worthy ad copy, conversion-friendly landing page, and a-z tracking with our in-house Lead Insight dashboard.

Google Ads Solutions

Efficient ads displayed to the right audience.

PPC Management

We spend your ad money like it’s our own. We keep a constant, keen eye on everything involved in your PPC campaign. Whether it’s budget allocation, performance monitoring, or ad & landing page copy optimization. We manage your PPC campaign to deliver actual results without going over the budget.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword research is the basis of an effective online advertising campaign. We understand your user’s search terms and intent. By knowing what your target audience is looking for, we can optimize your ads for better budget efficiency and boosted relevancy. We can tailor the ad copy to match your user’s intent and locality for a better CTR.

Landing Page Optimization

To convert a lead, you need a lead-optimized landing page. Our experts have spent decades perfecting the landing page formula for best performance. We use powerful copy, strategically place the CTAs, and ensure the lead doesn’t leave undecided. When coupled with properly calibrated ad copy, your landing page is sure to be a conversion booster.

Ads A/B Testing

It’s not you. It’s something else (that we’ll find out). Would you rather spend the ad budget recklessly? Or understand what works and allocate the budget accordingly? We do A/B testing of ad copy, landing pages, and other elements to see which generates the best results so you spend the marketing budget wisely and effectively.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
With the Right Technology

Losing even a single qualified lead hurts. We help you get over it.
Our lead gen specialists track the complete user journey via the Digilatics Lead Insight dashboard. It starts at the point when they see your ad and ends (ideally) with them buying from you.

We review every step they took, from clicking the ad to submitting the form and even the closing call. If there’s any issue, we’ll find it and help you fix it for better conversion rates.

Not sure how Google Ads can help your business?

Our Certified Google Ads experts are here to share what to expect from your ads campaign.

How We Do Google Ads

Our sure process for certain success.

Initial Meeting: Our PPC experts sit down with you to understand your business, how it’s different from the competition, and what results you expect from your Google PPC campaign. We also confirm your service areas for accurate targeting.

Ads Strategy and Set-Up: We strategize the best campaign for your business that’ll generate actual results. We do keyword research to find the best phrases you can convert. We specify tight target groups and create catchy ad copy. And move to push the live button on your ad.

Killer Landing Page: A lazily created landing page is the Achilles heel of your campaign. You can have the best-performing ads in the industry, but you won’t convert if the leads land on a mediocre page. We optimize your landing page for 0 distractions and maximum conversions.

Pre-Launch: Once everything is ready, we send them over to you for review. We explain why we did what we did and incorporate your feedback – because you know the market best.

Monitoring & Results: We launch the optimized campaign and start monitoring from the get-go. We track your leads with our Insights dashboard for an even clearer performance picture. We have regular meetings to discuss and adjust things here and there, like bid optimization, landing page copy, etc.

We report the actual performance, like your ad spend, how many leads we generated, and how many you closed – so you know your campaign’s true ROI.


We talk about true ROI a lot at Digilatics. Let’s clarify what it means.

True ROI is the ratio of actual revenue generated by our services (paid or organic) to your total investment. Simply put, we measure how many leads you convert rather than how many leads are generated.

As a marketing agency, we don’t need to do this. After all, we’re meant to bring you qualified leads; the rest should be up to you. But we believe ourselves to be your marketing partner who benefits if you close more. We help you detect issues in your closing cycle with our Leads Insight Dashboard.

If you’re interested in growing your True ROI, talk to our marketing expert.

You can win at online growth if you rank on phrases your ideal customer searches for. SEO is the organic way to rank your website on various search terms.
But, it is a time-consuming process and can take months before you notice an impact. Google Ads is how you keep the leads coming without any wait.
For sure growth, most of our clients use both Google Ads and SEO together.

We’re a Google Ads Partner agency that has created successful PPC campaigns for numerous clients over the decades. Our experts have decades of experience and have helped brands grow their revenue, reduce spending, and boost true ROI across industries.

What makes us better, however, is our commitment to transparency and your revenue growth. We like to say that we’re not in the business of generating leads. We’re in the business of generating revenue.

Within the first month of launch, you’ll see an uptick in website traffic. If we’ve done everything right, you’ll also see more leads and conversions.
However, you should know that the first month’s ad spend is mostly on optimizing the campaign. You’ll start seeing actual results with better ROI in the following months.

You’re spending money on advertising your business. You have every right to question how it’s spent and what results are generated from said ads.
With that said, let’s get to how you’ll know what we’re doing.
We’ll align a dedicated account manager to communicate our progress, in addition to the detailed and transparent reports. Our reports break down the key components (KPIs), so you know exactly where you stand and what to expect in the coming days.