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Job Description:

Digilatics is the fastest-growing advertising agency for the Home Services industry in the USA. We specialize in Lead Generation through various digital channels. Our unique lead audit and tracking dashboard help our clients see their Real Marketing ROI.


We are looking for an experienced and result-driven Growth Manager to join our winning team – a person who wakes up excited about the cool sh!t you get to do daily! We are not looking for someone who “can do” Digital Marketing and knows a thing or two… We want the person who loves the work, loves the challenge, and loathes those who disrespect their profession with half-ass work… period!

We are looking for Kick-Ass!

If this sounds like you…read on

Non-Negotiable Requirement:

The right candidate has agency experience of at least 5 years in marketing and advertising agency managing various teams and with over 100 customers and the ability to build a $10M+ marketing agency.

Next Steps:

If you made it this far, and you know that this is your passion, and you’ll be damned if anyone is going to take it from you… read the detailed Job Description below:

Job Description:

Digital Marketing – Agency Manager will be a self-starter, possesses the leadership attributes required to successfully manage the team and client relationship and understand the strategies for adding roles to create efficiencies in their growing operation to help drive profitability. Should be able to manage all digital marketing operations, assess and improve existing initiatives, and devise new strategies to increase revenue. Will also be responsible for creating and evolving a team culture that is collaborative, creative, customer-focused, and performance-driven.

  • Proven experience driving successful teams, including managing team morale
  • You will lead the agency in delivering a successful full-service offering across strategy, media planning, digital, social media, PR, and creative communications.
  • Lead, inspire, and motivate teams to understand and ‘live’ company values and to deliver commercial goals and ambition.
  • Ensure every team is deploying best-in-class strategy and execution of campaigns, aggressively testing to improve ROI and achieving desired results.
  • Develop a rapid understanding of client needs and what it takes to drive leads for their business.
  • Improve, update, and implement work processes and SOPs.
  • Coordinate & guide QA team to Develop and Implement QA and Testing processes across the organization.
  • Lead and develop new marketing programs; collaborate with BD/Sales and other business unit leaders to drive growth.
  • Set business unit’s goals and objectives – and develop relevant key performance metrics for all roles (individual and team) to meet/exceed targets.
  • Coordinate with  Key Account Managers to Improve customer retention by implementing a highly effective customer contact process focusing on key measurable touchpoints (including transparent data analytics reflecting how they perform for each client, ongoing and consistent customer communication, and key performance indicators).
  • Coordinate with HR team to Develop, lead, and inspire the team, including recruiting, onboarding, coaching, and overall performance management. Create an engaging working environment for team members to be excited to perform their daily duties.
  • Identify, coordinate, and sometimes lead targeted training for the team’s continuous professional development.
  • Collaborate with other business unit leaders to meet and exceed growth, retention, and customer experience goals.
  • Prepare and implement annual business plans and budgets.
  • Oversee the management of all business operations and functions to ensure the achievement of business plans and budgets.
  • Prepare reports and forecasts for the Board as required.
  • Communicate performance expectations and support the team by building required competencies, providing feedback, and managing behaviors and performance gaps.
  • Monitor individual & team performance and workload, address learning, development needs, and performance issues.
  • Actively participate in the Annual Performance Review process.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest technology and best practices


  • 5+ years of experience effectively leading high-performing marketing teams. Advertising agency leadership experience is a requirement.
  • Extensive experience driving excellent return on investment for clients using superior marketing and technology solutions.
  • Proven ability to grow and lead cross-functional teams (paid search, SEO, creative, development, analytics).
  • Comprehensive knowledge of organic search and rankings, paid search, paid social, display, retargeting, video, mobile, and overall digital marketing.
  • Strong working knowledge of media measurement, with the ability to recommend the right measurement and analytics solutions to clients based on their specific needs.
  • Excellent communication and client servicing skills and a passion for developing and retaining high-performing clients.
  • Knowledge of Project Management Tools like ClickUp, Trello, Asana etc. 
  • A people-person who is empathetic, instinctive, and a good networker
  • The ability to successfully manage multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment
  • Measure ROI and KPIs
  • Track SEO and Google Analytics data and make complex analysis 
  • Build an inbound marketing plan
  • Research competition, investigate benchmarks, and provide suggestions for improvement

Let us know you a little bit before we meet? 🙂

Ideally, please submit an intro video using about yourself and answering the following questions using examples from previous roles. Please feel free to add anything you think is relevant and makes you a suitable candidate for this role.

Please fill in the form below and share your loom video with your response to these following questions along with your CV.

  • What is your previous experience in digital marketing, specifically in a managerial or growth-focused role?
  • Have you managed the growth strategies for a digital marketing agency before? If yes, please provide examples.
  • What relevant qualifications or certifications do you possess in digital marketing or related fields?
  • What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you prioritize when evaluating the success of a growth campaign?
  • Describe your approach to working with cross-functional teams within a digital marketing agency to achieve growth objectives.
  • Give an example of a project where effective teamwork played a crucial role in achieving growth targets.
  • How do you stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing that could impact growth strategies?
  • What tools or methodologies do you typically use for strategic planning and implementation?
  • How do you stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing that could impact growth strategies?
  • Can you share a success story where your efforts contributed to high client retention rates?
  • Are you available to work on US EST timings? (7 pm to 4 am Pakistan time – Monday to Friday)

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