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Here at Digilatics, we are dedicated to fostering growth, for both our business and for talented individuals seeking to kick-start their careers. We recognize the immense value of hands-on learning and the importance of providing educational opportunities to aspiring professionals, and that is why we are thrilled to offer an exceptional internship program that promises a dynamic and enriching experience!

from our Exceptional Interns 

We take immense pride in our rigorous internship program, offering aspiring professionals unique opportunities to learn, grow and excel in their chosen career paths. Don’t just take our word for it; hear what our past interns have to say about their experiences!
Marketing Intern

Emily Clark

“Being a part of the Digilatics team was truly an amazing experience. From the moment I joined the team, I was warmly welcomed by the most knowledgeable, passionate people, who were all eager to teach me their areas of expertise. Digilatics is a fast-paced, innovative environment, which has allowed me to immerse myself in various aspects of the industry. Unlike other internship opportunities, I was entrusted with meaningful tasks that directly impacted our clients’ growth and contributed to our company’s growth as well. I will forever be grateful to have been part of such an inspiring team!”
Marketing Intern

Madison Monka

“Digilatics introduced me to the world of SEM and Google Ads. This internship helped me grow my social media skills by creating monthly content calendars for clients, unique videos to drive engagement and being able to manage multiple projects at once. They have shown me skills and tools to be successful in the world of digital marketing, which allowed me to come into a new company and position already knowledgeable. The team is what makes Digilatics, Digilatics. My favorite part was working with such knowledgeable, kind people. They want you to come out of this position a better person, professionally and personally. Creating a comfortable environment, you can ask questions without fear. Their goal is to make everyone around them, clients and employees, better than when they came in.”
Data & Automations Intern

Pedro Prado

“Here at Digilatics, I transformed our digital marketing workflow through strategic automation, achieving significant efficiency gains. Working in a supportive, fast-paced environment, I honed my skills in OKRs, KPIs, SEO, and business analysis. Digilatics’ culture, which fosters professional growth while promoting work-life balance, made this internship a valuable step toward my future career. This opportunity gives interns not just practical skills, but also a unique insight into teamwork and innovation in a vibrant agency setting.”
Marketing Intern


“My experience at Digilatics has been great. The team is incredibly supportive and creates a vibrant and enjoyable work environment. I have been given many opportunities to grow and learn. Anything that I ask to learn more about is provided to me. The team gives me guidance and makes sure that I have what I need to succeed. What sets Digilatics apart is the real-life exposure they offer – you are put on meaningful projects and given the opportunity to work with clients and sit on client calls. Throughout the internship, these experiences have allowed me to hone in on my digital marketing skills, and learn more about SEO, backlinks, google ads, competitor analysis, and much more. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Digilatics”.
Social Media Marketing Intern

Olivia Leon

“This internship has impacted me in many beneficial ways. I was able to gain knowledge in the Digital Marketing field and work life. Being given the opportunity to join in on networking events with the company was an extremely beneficial experience for me. I also want to note how well the team handled integrating me into the team, by introducing and including me in meetings. Being able to listen to these daily marketing conversations was extremely beneficial. Leaving the Digiltaics team, I have nothing but respect for my supervisor and managers. I am so beyond grateful to have met the team and will continue looking up to them as role models.”
Marketing Intern


“Being an intern with Digilatics is truly a transformative experience. Digilatics provided me with real-life projects in digital marketing that allowed me to apply the knowledge I had gained in my academic studies to professional work. I am grateful to have been surrounded by an extremely passionate and knowledgeable team who aim to uplift their employees and their clients. They create a comfortable environment for interns and aim to teach and mentor”.

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