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Job Description:

Are you an accomplished Web Developer with a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge web solutions? If you are passionate about pushing the boundaries of web development and possess expertise in PHP, WordPress and Shopify, we want to hear from you!

Join our dynamic team and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our digital presence.

As an Experienced Web Developer at Digilatics, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining websites and web applications. You will work closely with our marketing and other teams to create user-friendly, visually appealing, and responsive web solutions that align with our business goals.


  • Design, develop, and maintain responsive and user-friendly websites and web applications.
  • Write clean, efficient, and well-documented code for web applications.
  • Propose and implement effective solutions to overcome challenges encountered during development.
  • Actively participate in code reviews to maintain high code quality standards.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather and understand website requirements.
  • Optimize website performance for speed and responsiveness.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve web-related issues.
  • Ensure website security and data protection.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.


4 years Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Web Development, or a related field.


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in web development using PHP and WordPress.
  • Proven experience as a Web Developer with a strong portfolio.
  • Proficiency in front-end and back-end development languages and frameworks.
  • Must have proven experience of website development using WordPress.
  • Must have worked on all WordPress visual builders like Elementor, WP Bakery, Divi etc.
  • Must have worked on Wix, Squarespace and GoDaddy builders.
  • Familiarity with SEO principles and best practices.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.
  • Experience of developing ecommerce websites in Shopify will be a HUGE PLUS.

Let us know you a little bit before we meet? 🙂

Ideally, please submit an intro video using loom.com about yourself and answering the following questions using examples from previous roles. Please feel free to add anything you think is relevant and makes you a suitable candidate for this role.

Please fill in the form below and share your loom video with your response to these following questions along with your CV.

  1. How many years of experience do you have specifically as a WordPress developer?
  2. Can you provide examples of WordPress websites you have developed or significantly contributed to? Please include links if possible.
  3. Which WordPress themes and frameworks are you most familiar with, and which ones have you used extensively in your previous projects?
  4. Have you worked with various visual builders in WordPress, such as Elementor, WPBakery, Divi, or others? Please describe your experience with these tools.
  5. What steps do you take to optimize the performance of a WordPress website, both in terms of speed and responsiveness?
  6. Do you have experience working with e-commerce functionalities in WordPress, particularly with WooCommerce? Please provide details of your experience.
  7. Have you customized or developed WordPress plugins? If so, could you share an example of a plugin-related project you’ve worked on?
  8. Have you ever migrated a website to WordPress or performed a major WordPress version update? If so, how did you ensure a smooth transition and avoid potential issues?
  9. Have you collaborated with digital agencies in the past, or do you have experience working in a digital agency environment? If yes, please share details of your role and projects.
  10. What security measures do you implement to safeguard WordPress websites from potential threats?
  11. Describe a challenging problem you encountered in a WordPress project and how you approached solving it.
  12. Do you have experience of custom PHP development? Can you provide an example of a complex custom website or web application you developed using PHP?
  13. Describe your experience in developing e-commerce stores on the Shopify platform. Have you customized Shopify themes or implemented custom functionalities for specific client requirements?

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